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    Proximus Enhances Viewer Experience with Interactive Football Streaming

    Proximus, one of Belgium's leading broadcasters, deployed the Origins Enriched Overlay on top of their Pickx platform. Originally launched solely for UEFA Champions League matches, the subsequent increase in view time and engagement has led to its expansion across all football shown on Pickx. This new standard has set the bar for live sport streaming in Belgium, with 640 matches delivered in ‘interactive mode’ last year.

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Each club is very, very different.

With over a decade in delivering digital products for a range of clubs across Europe. We specialise in understanding the true identity and culture of each club we work with, which enables us to deliver solutions that delight fans and clubs alike.

Our Solutions

  • Origins OTT : Our proprietary OTT platform is built with fast and flexible deployment in mind. From VOD and live stream management, to personalisation and subscription management, it all lives here.
  • APP : Custom built Mobile applications. Our team has over a decade of experience in creating world-class club applications that are tailored to meet specific organisational goals.
  • Sportkit : Designed from over a decade of understanding fan consumption habits, the Origins sportkit has pre-built sport specific components that are designed to ensure your club can build a direct and valuable digital relationship with your fans.

Trusted by the best

A groundbreaking solution

AC Milan selected Origins Digital as their partner to create, develop, and launch their brand-new official app and website. Our innovative technology and advanced integration allows for easy configuration and management of editorial content. By choosing Origins, AC Milan has been able to offer their fans an exceptional digital experience that truly represents the essence of their iconic brand which has resulted in significant engagement increase from previous platforms.

The Ultimate Fan-Centric Platform: MAUVE TV

Origins Digital partnered with Anderlecht to create mauve.tv, a fan-centric OTT streaming platform that features press conferences, behind-the-scenes documentary footage, highlights, and more. With a flexible approach and innovative initiatives such as mic-ing up players during matches and launching specific matches as PPV events, over 200,000 users subscribed to the platform within its first three months. The result was a win-win for the club and its legion of fans.

The HAC combined experience

The HAC (Le Havre Athletic Club), a French football club with a rich history, has recently launched a new app in partnership with Origins Digital. The app provides fans with an immersive experience, allowing them to access exclusive content, such as live match updates, interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and highlights.

OTT Whitelabel platform ASSE

The emblematic French football club, AS Saint-Etienne, entrusted us with the development of the new OTT platform called ASSE.TV. Based on a subscription, this service allows the fans to watch matches, magazine programmes and interviews, documentaries and many unseen behind-the-scenes content.

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